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Since we don't know how much you know about ACE of TEXAS or the tax valuation protest process, we provide the following information at first contact to all of our new clients:

We are turn-key and contingency based.  This means that we handle everything from filing the protest through any needed hearings.  You are only charged for our services if we are able to save you actual tax dollars.  The contingency rate for owners of less than $1 million worth of residential real estate is 33% of actual tax dollars saved.  For instance, a reduction of $10,000 in value will save approximately $240, depending on location.  Our fee for this reduction is about $79, the remaining $161 is the yours to do with as you wish.  Owners of more than $1 million worth of properties as valued by the Appraisal District are charged slightly less at 30%.  Our fee for a similar reduction is around $72 with the remainder staying in these owner’s pockets.

 In order to determine fair value for property tax purposes, there are two sets of data that must be analyzed.  The first is our own custom data.  Among other things, it includes Multiple Listing Service sales and selected Central Appraisal District data.  The other is data that we request from CAD which includes additional information about your property plus their market analysis of your property for the current tax year.  Any analysis of a property's tax value that doesn't consider all this data is incomplete.  Since our agents have worked as appraisers at the Appraisal District, we know how to interpret CAD's coding and understand the information they provide.  

By law, we can't obtain this information from the CAD unless we have documentation filed appointing us as your property tax agent.  This simply allows the Appraisal District to share your property tax information with us and allows us to negotiate with the CAD and sign valuation agreements on your behalf.

 Once you have appointed us as your agency, we will continue to monitor your property values yearly.  Until you instruct us otherwise, we will protest and aggressively pursue a reduction any time we have evidence to support a lower value on any or all of your properties.

 If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to take advantage of, simply send an email or use the contact page stating “I agree to your terms.  Please send the agency documentation for my signature”.  We will prepare and send the appointment of agency for you to read and sign.  As soon as we have the completed document, we will file it with the Appraisal District and begin work.

 Please let us know if you have any questions!


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