Our Property Tax Consultants are Gary Adrian and Brandi Natividad. Gary spent 10+ years as an appraiser at Lubbock Central Appraisal District. In addition, he was a licensed Professional Inspector serving the Lubbock area for almost 20 years.  Gary started Ace of Texas in 2014, when he saw a need in the West Texas Area to provide homeowners with experienced property tax representation.   Brandi joined Gary in 2018.  She has lived in Lubbock her whole life and was a Senior Appraiser at Lubbock Central Appraisal District where she worked there for almost 4 years.  Their experience and knowledge of Lubbock housing and its complex market as well as the valuation appeal process give them a distinct advantage in dealing with LCAD and the Appraisal Review Board on your behalf.

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A few years ago I decided to protest my property taxes on my own. It was a hassle - tons of paperwork, an employee tried to bargain with me to get a pittance of what I knew I deserved.  If I had not gotten an independent appraisal the year before I wouldn't have been successful. But even though I did win, it wasn't the great win I had hoped for.
So this time I turned to Ace of Texas after hearing him interviewed on the radio. This was one of the best decisions I ever made - he wrangled a huge reduction in the appraised value, resulting in a substantial tax reduction. The price was very reasonable and I very, VERY highly recommend his service.
--Jessica Harris


I reached out to Ace of Texas after hearing Gary on KFYO.  The cost of property taxes has been skyrocketing the last several years, and I need all the help I can get!  My property is not very “big,” but Gary was still able to get my assessed value reduced by several thousand dollars.  I was delighted, especially considering that I’m just one of the “little guys” and I’m sure he has much bigger clients than me!  I really appreciate the attention he showed to my case.  I have already referred two of my friends to Ace of Texas.  Perhaps I could have fought my taxes myself, but I know I never would have.  I’m thrilled to have someone like Gary in my corner!  Thank you!!

--Emily McKelvain

As always, I am very thankful for your service and assistance with my property tax issues every year!  I immediately send you all my paperwork when it is received because you are so knowledgeable and helpful and I wouldn't even think of tackling something like that by myself after using you all!  Thanks again for always helping me out!

--Amy Snell

Don't be a fool. When the property tax invoice comes out, you have good intentions to go and fight but you get busy and before you know it, your house payment goes up because you didn't have the time to file. The bigger problem is, it never goes back down. The government raises everyone's taxes but only a few end up fighting the tax increase. Ace of Texas has fought my property tax increases for 3 years now. Gary Adrian is a serious guy that knows his business. He employs all the tools at his disposal to stop the out of control tax man. I feel that these property tax increases have been fleecing Texans for far too long. Gary has never lost 1 of my cases. A very reasonable fee for the money he saves you. Once you sign up with Ace of Texas, he will fight for you every year. When the tax statement comes in, I rest well knowing that Gary will show up, fight for me and win. God Bless Texas and the Ace of Texas.

--Lance Bevers 

Lauren Havens

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Don't gamble with your property taxes, let Ace of Texas help you today.  We know how to play the game!

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