Property owners in Texas have a right to a homestead exemption on the home they occupy.  This exempts $25,000 of your property value from school taxes, saving a few hundred dollars each year.  In addition, the homestead exemption prevents your homestead’s property tax assessed value from increasing more than 10% per year.

LCAD has facilitated filing this online with no need for any special program.  Your driver’s license MUST show your homestead address as your mailing address. If it doesn’t, you can usually make address changes online at the TxDPS website. Scan your driver’s license with the correct address and have the scan available on your computer.

Next, visit the Lubbock Central Appraisal District’s website at  Once there, enter either your name, property address or the QuickRef number of your property in the search window and select the correct property from the search results.  Once you’ve arrived at the webpage that shows your property’s information, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Sales History” section . The date the deed was recorded should be provided there along with the deed identifier in the “INSTR #” column.  You’ll need the date and deed number when completing Section 3 of the application.  Once you have these items, select the “HS Exemption” flag near the top right corner of your property’s webpage.  This will open a new window containing a partially completed application form. 

First, select the appropriate ownership type.

At this point, names of both owners will appear in the first property owner blank.  The form provides for you to be able to make needed corrections to place each owner on a separate line.  We recommend you provide a driver’s license number rather than social security or other identification number.  Use “100%” percent ownership for both parties.

Next,  select the LCAD webpage of your property without closing the application window. 

You’ll also need to use the drop-downs to answer the question about your first occupancy of the property.

Answer the questions about heirship and income production and add the requested information if your homestead is a mobile home.  If your property is rural and doesn’t exceed 20 acres, add the requested information at the bottom of Section 3.

Here, you’ll be asked to certify that the address on your provided identification card matches the address of the property for which you are applying for an exemption.

Add the email address you wish to use if questions arise on the application.

Select the “Sign & Submit” button and follow the instructions there.

If you failed to enter any required information or answer any needed questions, you will not be allowed to proceed until all of those have been taken are of.

Select the “BROWSE” button and retrieve the scan of your driver’s license from your computer.

If you are exempt from this requirement, please call LCAD at (806) 762-5000 and ask for assistance from the Information Services department.

That's it!

Instructions for online homestead application with Lubbock County.

If there are unique circumstances or special situations with your property, add those in the provided space.

List any other Texas counties where you own residential properties.

The first question that must be answered is “Do you own the property for which you are seeking an exemption?”.  Since this exemption requires ownership, you must be able to answer “Yes” to this question.  In the Tax Year drop-down, select the year that you first occupied the house on January 1st.  You may be able to receive the exemption for up to 2 past years as long as you qualify and did not have another homestead during that time period.

Select the box beside “General Residential Homestead Exemption”.  If you think you may qualify for any Veteran’s or First Responder exemptions, please call (806) 762-5000 and ask to speak with someone with regards to exemptions.  Lubbock Central Appraisal District wants to be sure that you are awarded all exemptions to which you are entitled and will be helpful in this section and can tell you exactly what they will need in each case..

 There are 3 more questions that need to be answered near the bottom of this section.  The first is a simple yes or no question about any history you may have with a prior homestead exemption.

Since this is a simple homestead exemption application, answer “NO” to the last 2 questions.